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Retirement Planning - Retirement Income Planning

The key to a financially independent retirement is proper planning. Often times, retirees rely on funds they can’t control such as a failing social security system or underfunded pension plans while facing numerous risks.

Planning for retirement is an ongoing process. Through a collaborative process, the experienced staff at Marcum Financial Services works with you to analyze your risks, address key decisions, and build a plan that reflects your future financial needs.

Analyzing the Risks

It’s important to have a clear understanding of the numerous risk factors retirees encounter as they plan their futures.


People who live beyond their average life expectancy run the risk of outliving their money and assets. For those who remain relatively healthy, they can easily add five to ten years onto their life expectancy rate. It’s better to plan to live longer.


Inflation erodes the value of savings and reduces returns. In addition, the everyday things you depend on to live will cost more over time. Considering inflation risk is critical to avoiding a diminished standard of living.

Spending and Withdrawals

Managing retirement spending offers greater opportunities and greater challenges. The ability to differentiate between wants and needs while cutting back on spending and reducing living expenses can make the difference between running out of money and securing your savings.

Market Volatility

Uncertain market returns impact retirees with savings in stocks, as well as those with a 401 (k) retirement fund. Proper asset allocation based on long-term goals can help retirees plan for an independent future.


No one can predict the various “What Ifs” they may encounter during their road to retirement. Unexpected financial pitfalls such as escalating medical expenses, long-term care needs, potential disability and unemployment can hinder a solid retirement plan.

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Key Decisions

To properly implement your retirement framework, Marcum Financial Services will address key decisions with you to improve the overall effectiveness of your plan.

  • Which assets should I hold in my tax-deferred accounts versus my taxable accounts?
  • Which accounts should I withdraw income from first?
  • When should I start receiving Social Security?
  • Should I rollover my 401 (k) into an IRA?
  • Whom should I designate as beneficiaries for my estate?
  • Is a Roth IRA conversion right for me?
  • What tax decisions do I face when I leave my employer?
  • How much income will I need in retirement?
  • Am I taking enough risk in my portfolio given the effects of inflation?
Our Collaborative Process

Whether your retirement is still some time off, fast approaching or already here, it helps to have the assistance of a professional financial planner. The professionals at Marcum Financial Services are well-versed in various retirement planning strategies and will help you define your goals, explain the retirement investment options available to help you meet those goals, help you to understand the risks of those options and determine the level you're comfortable with, assist you in choosing and purchasing specific retirement investments, and review and revise your retirement strategy as your financial situation changes.



Articulate how you envision retirement; include your goals and fears.

Gather and provide financial information such as income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Review the proposed investment approach and verify that it meets your needs and reflects your priorities.

Develop a sustainable spending policy that differentiates needs from wants.

Ask questions to fully understand our recommendations.

Complete paperwork to implement solutions and transition your assets.

Adhere to agreed upon spending policy.

Communicate any life event changes and personal changes to goals and objectives.


Facilitate a discussion of your priorities, goals and fears.

Educate you on the risks associated with your specific financial situation.

Organize the provided information and document your current financial situation.

Analyze your unique situation based on the information provided.

Propose a viable investment approach that addresses your needs, balances risks and reflects a sustainable withdrawal from your assets.

Execute the agreed upon plan using solutions that reflect your unique situation.

Provide confirmation when plan is implemented.

Monitor the plan regularly and recommend necessary adjustments.

Incorporate life changing occurrences into overall financial plan and ensure we are on the right track.

Discuss progress towards meeting objectives.


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